Dr. Allen Zeman

Dr. Allen Zeman is the CEO of the CHCI, a data analytics company focused on workforce issues. He has worked for U.S. Presidents (Bill Clinton), Cabinet-level government leaders, foreign Prime Ministers/Presidents and C-level industry executives. He specializes in analytics, innovation and data-informed decision making.

Possibly more interesting, Allen Zeman’s got quite a history in education. He attended Broward County public schools from K – Grade 12, then attended Florida State University where he served on the faculty and earned a PHD in Econometrics at age 24. He graduated and was hired by the U.S. Navy where he took the most-challenging assignments at sea and in combat zones like Baghdad, Iraq where he served for a year as the Chief Economist for the Reconstruction of Iraq. While not deployed, he was selected to Senior Executive status at age 32 (equivalent to Navy admiral), led the Training and Education system and served on the DoD School Board.

After 20+ years serving the nation, he moved home to Broward County and was asked to serve on the City’s Education Advisory Board. Allen Zeman conducted an analytic assessment, co-created a new strategic plan and implemented real changes.

His name may be last in your Contact list, but he’s first in getting things done. He has 7 children, bikes often and works all day with his beagle, Oliver.

Want to learn more about Allen’s views on current School Board issues? Read his responses to the Sun Sentinel’s questions for School Board candidates.